aug 8

Bowling for Soup / Melee / Quietdrive / Army of Freshman


Here are three fun facts about Bowling for Soup, the Jive Records power-pop act from Wichita Falls, Texas. (1) The band's name is a takeoff of Steve Martin's "bowling for (expletive)" routine from his 1979 comedy album "Wild and Crazy Guy." (2) All the band members are terrible bowlers, with guitarist Chris Burney being the only one of the four to have neared 100. (3) Burney enjoys Wisconsin cheese soup while frontman Jaret Reddick prefers minestrone. The band's latest LP "The Great Burrito Extortion Case" is souped up with Blink 182-esque pop punk, WB-friendly power ballads and 9th-grade lyrics that are about as witty as Dane Cook.


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