North vs. South Festival

at The Replay Lounge, Jackpot Saloon and Louise's Downtown

Downtown Lawrence

If Wakarusa is Lawrence's answer to Bonaroo, then North vs. South is our town's version of the Pitchfork Music Festival. More than 70 acts spanning the independent rock, alt-country and folk scenes converge in Lawrence for three wild nights at The Jackpot Saloon, The Replay Lounge (inside and outside) and Louise's Downtown. Groups from Minneapolis, MN, and Austin, TX, represent the lion's share of the lineup, but a dozen bands from Lawrence and Kansas City will also participate.All-access bracelets available for $15 at Love Garden and The Replay Lounge. Tickets for individual shows available at the door for $2-3.THURSDAY BEST BET: The Meat Purveyors, 1 a.m. at The Jackpot Saloon. A blazing insurgent bluegrass band with a mean streak the size of Texas, The Meat Purveyors break up every two or three years until they're offered free beer to put up with each other for another night. Such is the case with this year's North vs. South Festival, where the Bloodshot Records freakers will perform the sequel to their 2006 "farewell to Lawrence" show. The Meat-heads reportedly WILL call it a day following this tour, but we'll enjoy one last hurrah with Jo Walston's six-mile holler, Peter Stiles' speedmetal mandolin and songwriter Bill Anderson's poignant take on boogan America.Thursday | Friday | SaturdayReplay Lounge (inside)1 a.m. - Secret WeaponsMidnight - Brannock Device11 - Radar Radar10 - Dark Circles9 - Xcella8 - Nordic WasteReplay Lounge (outside11 - Charlie Parr 10 - Jet Sparks 9 - Slow Train 8 - The Terminals 7 p.m. - Wood RosesJackpot Saloon1 a.m. Meat PurveyorsMidnight - Brass Kings11 - Macon Grayson10 - Pendergast9 - The Gleam8 p.m. - GleanersLouise's Downtown1 a.m. - KruddlerMidnight - Masonic11 - Rank Strangers10 - Undesirables9 p.m. - Honeywagen


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