Pop Culture Scramble

Trivia tournament a la the "World Series of Pop Culture"


Featuring former contestants on VH1's "World Series of Pop Culture" from around the country as well as local heroes from teams Wocka Wocka and Westerburg High!To compete, be at the Granada by 3:00 that afternoon to take a short qualifying test. The game will be played in the same format as the television show, starting with 16 teams and continuing until all but one are eliminated. The primary focus is (but not limited to) the subjects of television, movies, music, celebrities, famous pop culture events and so on, with a heavy emphasis on things from the 70s and on.The Granada will open the doors at 2:00. The Qualifying Test runs from 3:00-3:15. The game will start at 4:00 and is scheduled to be done around 9:00."World Series of Pop Culture" attendees include:Robert, Kelly and Rachel - Wocka Wocka (Robert and Kelly are iffy though because August 18 is Kelly's due date for their baby. We'll see.)Andy, Eric and J.D. - Westerburg HighSmitha and Kryss - Carlton Banks Dance AcademyJodi and Mason - El Chupacabra (2006 WSOPC Champs!)Danielle, Melissa and Michelle - They're Real and They're SpectacularJohn and Nikki - The Lucky StarsMatt - 3 Men and a Little LazyKyle and Tod - Almost Perfect Strangers 2.0Lizzie - Team MotherboySherita, Shalonda and Tomi - FragilayWarren - Remo-Leen-Teen-TeenChris and Lori - The White RussiansAmber, Erin and Katherine - Cheetara (2006 competitors and 2007 commentators)


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