Agent Orange / The Klusterfux / Iron Guts Kelly (early show)

Jackpot Music Hall

Back when bands like Bad Brains and SNFU were thrashing the Outhouse, Gil Bavel was elbow-deep in the pit and the promotion of Lawrence's premier DIY punk venue. The founder of local punk band 2-Mile Death Plunge (amongst others) is now seeking to re-energize the Lawrence punk scene via Rockstar Productions, a booking agency that aims to "shake off the Emo and Indie Rock sluggishness that has grabbed the throat of the local music scene and seems to be squeezing for all it's worth." Bavel is kicking things off with a bang with Agent Orange, a seminal punk act from Orange County, CA, that shared members with The Adolescents and inspired countless SOCAL grinders. Formed in 1979, the trio (retaining only lead singer and guitarist Mike Palm) is also distinguished by a handful of surf instrumentals and an aptitude for melodic pop. Opening the show are Lawrence hardcore heads Iron Guts Kelly and old-school pros The Klusterfux, who have the same lineup they started with in 1983.


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