The Terrordactyls / The Sperm

Eighth Street Tap Room

From the Tap Room: The Legendary Terrordactyls are a local band on the verge of becoming more than local:..with a sound very familiar to these parts:slippery guitars, churning bass, and well played drums, this quartet has helped remind folks in this area that loud and sonic are welcome attributes:The Terrordactyls play their own brand of noisy, guitar-driven, punk-fused indie rock, taking cues from everyone they've ever heard(and liked). The band has been around in one form or another for about five years, through a number of breaks and line-up changes and or blatant puss-outs. The current line-up includes John Bergwell on bass and vocals, Nick Bergwell on guitar and lead vocals, Brendan Costello on guitar and vocals and Jon Momberg on drums. Former Terrordactyls are too numerous to mention, and not important as this new line-up will certainly be THE line up for this act. In addition to playing shows around Lawrence and the Kansas City area, The 'Dactyls are currently accumulating an arsenal of demos in preparation for a 2008 release.

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