She Swings, She Sways

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She Swings, She Sways originated in 2005 in the only apartment building in downtown Ottumwa, IA. Set against the backdrop of "The Video Game Capitol of the World" (decreed by the Ottumwa mayor in 1982), the band developed an earthy sound culled from acoustic guitars, drums, violin, and bull fiddle (upright bass). The group maintains a workaholic Midwest tour itinerary and keeps the tour van rockin' with co-conspirators like Big Smith, Uncle Tupelo and Okkervil River.From the home studio of a tiny two-bedroom apartment at 11th and Tennessee to local stages, Ample Branches has grown into one of Lawrence's brightest new bands during the course of a busy year. The group's 16-song debut "True Vine" merits an honorary degree from the academy of innovative home recording-it would be "lo-fi" if only if weren't so well produced. Fans of homespun indie bands like The Microphones, The Books and Animal Collective will dig the collection immediately, but its more populist touchstones-The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Sufjan Stevens-lend "True Vine" an across-the-universe appeal.

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