feb 2

Ying Yang Twins

with DJ Scottie Mac


Atlanta-based rap duo Ying Yang Twins (emcees Kaine and D-Roc) is one of the most polarizing acts in Top 40 music, bringing the crunk subgenre to prominence alongside frequent collaborators Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz. The group exists solely to create the most bangin' club tracks mankind has ever known, extolling the virtues of strip clubs, drugs, money and sex to the tune of grinding Dirty South beats. Frequent faces on "MTV Cribs" as well as subjects of parody on "Chapelle's Show," the Twins are touring behind their fifth full-length "Chemically Imbalanced" and Wyclef Jean-produced single "Dangerous." All ticket purchasers must demonstrate an aptitude for shaking it like a saltshaker.


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