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RedLefty / The Prairie Acre


Local band RedLefty mixes up rare setlists of blues, swing, country swing, ragtime and even a bit o' klezmer. Lead vocalist Dan Rempel sings like an old soul from beyond the grave, mouth harpist Chris Millspaugh channels the spirit of Little Walter and trombonist Nate Craft adds a Big Easy vibe to the proceedings. The band also acts as the "bar outreach" segment of the Americana Music Academy, where most of the Lefties teach.Lawrence string-banders The Prairie Acre shoot straight down the middle and hit a bullseye with their Bill Monroe and Stanley Brothers-informed bluegrass. The band rarely strays from the golden path laid down by the above forefathers on traditional tunes like "Cripple Creek" and "Think of What You've Done," but original tunes like "Nothing Better To Do" help ensure that the old sound stays fresh.

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