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Obesity Benefit with Conner / Cool Jade / Juggs


Booths and local vendors with be set-up around the building to distribute healthy lifestyle information. Giveaways include:12- Week program from Perfect Balance17- Week program from Metabolic Research30 Days of one meal a day at Local BurgerDoor prizes include an Autographed KU Basketball, Waxman candles, Framed lithograph of the KU campus from the Mission Frame Shop,gift package from Arbonne, and a 3-month membership to Body Boutique, hair color and makeover from Color Studio.From the organizer: My story: My parents had 4 kids: older brother, older sister, me and my twin brother, Joe. I was never involved with sports but always enjoyed keeping in shape. I graduated from KU with an exercise science degree and have been active in running and biking. Recently, my brother Joe had just had a sleep study, was put on a bipap machine and was about to have surgery to help his breathing. Before his doctors appointment, Joe passed away of an enlarged heart. Joe worked at Lowe's and was loved and cared by everyone he knew. I feel like in my brother's passing, I was meant to help people with health and weight problems. I want my loss to be a channel of help for those who battle with obesity problems.Here are the big give a ways for the benefit concert:1. 1 meal a day for 30 days at Local Burger and a shopping spree for healthy food options2. A 12 week nutrition program at Perfect Balance 3. 17 week weight loss program/ nutrition program at Metabolic ResearchThere will be a short questionnaire to pick the winner of the above prizes. We encourage people of all ages to attend our event.

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