Hot Chip / Tortoise

with Lichens


Hot Chip churns out an electro-pop hybrid that's quite unlike the garden-variety '80s imitators that seem to keep cropping up on the FM dial. More in tune with the sensibilities of CAN or Kraftwerk, the London group is a hit in underground dance circles thanks to its throbbing glitch-meets-disco beatsmanship. Strong vocals and melodies lend the group more crossover appeal than some of its more experimentally oriented peers on the DFA Records roster (Black Dice, The Rapture). Co-headliner Tortoise is one of the most innovative and prolific instrumental bands to emerge in the last two decades. The all-star Chicago outfit is nearly indescribable thanks to its plethora of influences, including, but not limited to: indie rock, avant-garde jazz, Krautrock, prog rock, ambient music, film music, dub and electronica. Super-drummer John McEntire has emerged as the master producer of the group, helping record and compose its dense alien soundtracks.


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