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Marry Me Moses could be the name of a nun's autobiography or a Judeo-Christian marriage seminar. But here in Lawrence, Marry Me Moses is synonymous with face-melting rock riffs, more or less. Composed of three Kritikos brothers-Ted, Alex and Henry-as well as bassist Jenny Davidson and drummer Mark Harries, the industrious group recently ascended Mount Sinai (a.k.a. Neighborhood Studios), and recorded their debut tablet (a.k.a. album). "Engine Engine" is a 10-song mosaic spanning pop rock, glam rock, indie rock, '70s rock and just plain rock. The whole shebang is fearlessly commanded by high-register vocal acrobat Ted Kritikos-also heard in the local "Jesus Christ Superstar" rock ensemble.Openers The Eudoras have been surf-rockin' round these parts for 10+ years as one of the most beloved threads in the sonic fabric of this town.

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