with Bazaar Royale


Among the most hardcore rappers still breathing, DMX has parlayed his street cred into action film roles and a reality show on BET. Controversy seems to follow DMX wherever he goes, and-a la local hero Tech N9ne-he plays up his devil/saint duality to great extent on his mega-saturated platinum records. His gruff, barking delivery and Swizz Beatz-backed productions are the archetype for so many of today's Urban Top 40 hits, and he'll hit the road with a full band to support his 2006 release "Year of the Dog ... Again."Doors 8pm.Advance tickets $20, day of show $25.


Kevin Sontag 13 years, 8 months ago

Holy Christ almighty, stay away from downtown tonight. If you hear a sound that sounds like a car backfiring... it ain't a car backfiring! Get down!!

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