SOLD OUT! Gym Class Heroes

with RX Bandits / P.O.S. / K-OS on the Daryl Hall for President Tour '07


The "Daryl Hall for President Tour '07" showcases three premier hip-hop acts and one renegade rock band (RX Bandits). Headliners Gym Class Heroes utilize live instrumentation to kick out funky hip-hop jams with a Maroon Five-esque bounce. The band has toured the rock circuit as much as the hip-hop clubs, sharing the stage with bands like Fall Out Boy and All-American Rejects (though it should be emphasized such acts bear little resemblence to the seasoned hip-hop vibes of GCH).


bodacious_b 13 years, 12 months ago

Why, oh, why?! If there is any reason someone can't make it to this concert I would definitely buy the tickets. Would rather find out sooner than later... I<3GCH

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