may 4

Deadwood Derby Finals

featuring the Kaw Valley Project / The Old Black / Dead Girls Ruin Everything / Sterilize Stereo / Left on Northwood


The finalists are:Kaw Valley Project (Rd 1 winner)The Old Black (Rd 2 winner)Dead Girls Ruin Everything (Rd 3 winner)Sterilize Stereo (Rd 4 winner)Left on Northwood (wildcard*)Doors 7 p.m., music starts at 7:30 p.m. sharp. Set order will be determined 15 minutes prior to doors by random drawing.Listen to our podcast preview of the finals
featuring interviews with each of the bands and samples of their music. More Derby info here.*note: The wild card band is selected by a panel of judges (from, Hunt Industries and A&E Legal Services) who were at all four rounds, not by the judges' scores from individual rounds. The main factor in this year's wild card selection ended up being crowd response and participation. While several other bands also had very strong musical performances-it was virtually a dead heat between Havok on Polaris, The F Holes, Ten Hour Drive, Log Lady, and Left on Northwood-the band chosen clearly had the strongest crowd support of all four rounds.

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Never Too Late Dead Girls Add to playlist
Te Quiero Dead Girls Add to playlist
What a Perfect Ending Dead Girls Add to playlist
Drag The Lake Kaw Valley Project Add to playlist
Infrequent Flyer Kaw Valley Project Add to playlist
Winter Song Kaw Valley Project Add to playlist
Apathetically Yours Left on Northwood Add to playlist
Cry! Havoc! Left on Northwood Add to playlist
Culling Song Left on Northwood Add to playlist
Gut Check Personality (Song for Sarah) Left on Northwood Add to playlist
Good Life Old Black Add to playlist
Annie McGee Sterilize Stereo Add to playlist


Luke Paul 13 years, 11 months ago

I hope the Deadwood Derby doesn't affect my mushroom hunting this spring!

pahoehoeflow 13 years, 10 months ago

i understand your thinking on a random order for friday night. but picking the order 15 minutes before the show? that's not fair to the fans.

now normally i don't start my friday's out that early, BUT if knew that a my favorite local band was certainly playing, i would DEFINITELY make it out that early.

maybe you could draw the order the night before or something? just an idea...

pretty please?

md_pinks 13 years, 10 months ago

the idea of a random draw for the bands is so that you'll come out and support all the local acts that work hard on their craft and basically to get as many people to show up as possible for the whole night. not only that, but people who show up just for that one band and jet are kinda lame...

pahoehoeflow 13 years, 10 months ago

wow, there pinks. thank you so much for explaining the reasoning behind the random order. it's all so clear now....

jadaisy01 13 years, 10 months ago

random order is understandable... but doing it 15min prior to the show is ridiculous. (especially if "crowd points" are being awarded). i agree that support of all bands would be nice... but some people don't have 6 hours to devote to one evening. it would be nice to have the drawing done by tonight instead : )

GbGb 13 years, 10 months ago

don't really understand how or why dead girls ruin everything won---don't they have an album that was distributed nationally? seems kind of counterintuitive to let uber established bands play and win this competition.

md_pinks 13 years, 10 months ago

What's done is done Gb, and my band (Left on Northwood) couldn't be any happier with our standing. I would like to see a more constructive local battle of the bands next year though because I agree that playing against a signed act is pretty intense, and it doesn't really help all the other bands in our area have a chance gaining something not readily available to them.

As for pahoehoeflow, my comments were made because the finals for Deadwood and all its round prior have been posted since February. The idea of Deadwood is to get people to support local music and not their personal favorite band. Every band in all rounds had something to bring and it's not really fair to just go for that one time slot. Jadaisy01's comment makes sense as well, but the idea once again was to be fair to everyone with high hopes that people would come out as and all the other sponsers had planned.

You can't always please everyone, but I think did a good job trying.

Eric Melin 13 years, 10 months ago

Just for the reocrd, we (DGRE) are not signed. Our first record was put out by Reignition, a small label with distro (if by that you mean you can special order it), but there is no "deal." Like all the other bands that played, we're currently struggling to put together a record right now with limited funds, time, etc.- and there is no label planning on putting it out.

The Derby was a great opportunity to play with bands we'd never seen before and we'd love to play with again. It is as much a showcase as it is a competition, but if it wasn't set up as a competition, it wouldn't have sparked as much interest. Let's not forget that. All the bands I talked to were excited to meet everyone and be able to play to new people!

md_pinks 13 years, 10 months ago

Well that makes me feel a whole lot better about the situation. You wouldn't believe the number of people against our ear talking their heads off about you guys and Deadwood. I like your band, and I have no problem as stated with the entire ordeal. Our fans are rabid, and we have to voice their opinions.

Thats said, I hope everyone can accept it and move on to playing/coming out to show and enjoying themselves. We enjoyed every band in all four rounds of Deadwood. Joe and myself personally went to 3 of the 5 rounds when we didn't have to work. I was amazed with the entire ordeal and still can't understand how we made the wildcard. But what's done is done...

Thanks for clearing that Eric! We hope all goes well for you guys in the future.

buttman 13 years, 10 months ago

Yep, theres lots of things wrong with this picture here. i payed extra-close attention to everything that went down come finals time because of reports of judges being biased in the previous rounds and what i found out really disappoints me

First off, did ANYONE notice all the extra "attention" that DGRE received during this thing?? Listen to the podcast, and take note that every single band was interviewed over the PHONE while DGRE was interviewed in a room of some sort, face to face. WHY?? What was the point of that, REALLY? why coulndt you have just called them like every other band??

And what about the Turnpike filming at the finals? I took note of the crew and noticed that they only filmed a couple of each band's songs, and when DGRE comes on stage, THEY FILM THE ENTIRE THING!! WTF??? Like I said, they were given all of this "extra attention" and it seems to me that nobody noticed nor seemed to care.. Disgusting!!!

I know for a fact that Tim whats-his-nuts from the Turnpike (he was judging) knows the members of dgre - thanks to an informer from work who does personally know members of DGRE AND TIM - and thats not including the fact that the other judges may have direct contact with them as well. Isnt it nice to know that they would actually get judges on board who PERSONALLY KNOW members of the bands performing? IF THAT ISNT BIASED THEN I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ANYMORE.


as md_pinks said above "whats done is done" and i do understand that but my god PAY ATTENTION next year and dont let something like this happen EVER AGAIN!!! THIS IS VERY BAD FOR THE LOCAL MUSIC SCENE AND UNFAIR TO ALL BANDS PERFORMING IN THIS THING. SHAME ON YOU FOR LETTING THIS HAPPEN.

and i wouldnt pay any bit of attention to that Eric Melin whateverthehell. you have contacts out the wazoo in this town and its no wonder you guys were up on such a high pedistal. it makes me sick that you guys would have the nerve to join something like this and use all of that against the other bands to take things from them that you already have. shame on you, SHAME SHAME SHAME.

so theres a huge piece of my mind. im through here. anyone else care to elaborate on this mess? -butt

Eric Melin 13 years, 10 months ago

Yeah, I'll elaborate, buttman.

Good detective work, buddy, but you don't need an informer to figure out we know Tim. He hosted our episode of The Turnpike. In fact, no one was hiding the fact that we knew him. Look at his judging sheet- he mentions us by our names. If we/he had anything to hide, do you think they'd have posted the pdf's online? Why not read his comments about the music he heard that night and talk to him about it? I'm sure he could tell you why he judged the way he did.

As for the Turnpike crew filming our whole set, that's the real BS. Get your facts straight before you go off all half-cocked and UPPERCASE. They filmed the last 3 songs of the set instead of the first 3 because we asked them to. We know that their standard procedure for filming is to film the beginning of the set. We asked them to do the opposite for us cuz our set started slow and built.

As to why Cameron was told to come to the studio rather than do a phone interview, who knows? You'd have to ask Richard, the interviewer. But if you think that interview had any bearing on the judges' sheets, than your misguided rage is blinder than you think.

How all of this adds up to us "taking things we already have" makes no sense to me. We didn't "join" this contest. We squeaked in with just enough online votes by asking our friends and fans to vote for us, just like any other band. Then, we scored better at the two shows. Look at the pdfs. That's why they are there. It's's way of showing everything--full disclosure--so jackasses like you can't accuse anyone of favoritism. Obviously, it still didn't work. Last year's winner has been around way longer than DGRE, so should we reign our shame down on them as well?

Because of the Derby, we will now be able to finish a record we've been working on for 6 months, and make a video we've been trying to get off the ground for almost as long. That doesn't sound like a band that's "taking" something we already have. It sounds like a band that needed some help and is getting some because of hard work.

Shame on you for making an ass of yourself.

-Eric Melin whateverthehell

hellohawk 13 years, 10 months ago

When DGRE signed up for the Deadwood, none of us thought we would get in. Considering the amount of bands we knew would be pushing really hard for a spot, it seemed pretty unlikely to us that we would get enough votes. But we did. That's what it comes down to in the end: if you get the votes, you get in. Why should we have shame in that? People wanted us there. It's not like we came out of the gate taking this thing all super cereal, it's that enough people voted for us in that first week for us to go "Hey, maybe we have a chance." We are aware that we have been around for a few years and have had some opportunities, but we still struggle all the time to make music in a world that cares less and less about music every day. Every other band in the contest is doing the same thing. In the end, regardless of who's been around longer or who knew who from where, we're all unsigned bands looking for a chance.

I'm not sure what's up with the podcast thing. Richard Gintowt called me and asked me to come down to, said that he was doing podcasts for all the bands. I got the impression they were all going to be done from there, but I guess that wasn't the case (I haven't listened to it yet). Maybe it was more convenient for everyone else to do it over the phone (I get off work early in the afternoon, so maybe I was the only one who could make it before 5). Who knows? But all this aside, why would this matter as far as who is getting more "attention"? An interview is an interview.

Vrbl66044 13 years, 10 months ago

Wow, Buttman. DGRE petty much pwnd ya there. Better luck next time, internet tough guy.

feratu 13 years, 10 months ago

Does anyone really think that the best band didn't win on Friday? Did anyone see the show? Did anyone hear anything while Left on Northwood was onstage other than a bunch of white noise? Well they did stand up on the PA, and they got everyone in the crowd to get down on the floor and pogo at the same time. Does that really mean they should have won? What were they doing there in the first place? Seriously, the "wild card" situation was complete BS. The Dead Girls kicked ass, were the most professional, and everyone but LON groupies know it. BTW this is not "amateur" night, you are ALL professional bands.

rocksthetaco 13 years, 10 months ago

wowsers, someone up there needs to chill out

congrats to the deadwood finalist for a great show!

Tim vonHolten 13 years, 9 months ago

i still smell a conspiracy. . . and it smells like whats-his-nuts!

jadaisy01 13 years, 9 months ago

obviously the Deadwood Derby has caused an underlying uproar. (and rightly so). though i can't give you the details of band connections... DGRE had no business entering that competition. (share the love... and wealth for that matter). i was able to attend 4 of 5 performances that night (only missed SStereo). Left on Northwood had NO business winning anything. just because their fans know how to chant like a football crowd does not mean they are deserving of a "prize." (i thought this was a music competition!?!?!) i could... and would... go on and on, but in reality... the biggest joke were the judges score cards. If crowd points account for 1/2 the total score- maybe, just maybe, the judges should be HONEST. and Mr. Marable... your comments were pathetic and incompetent. i suggest you deflate your ego and remove yourself of all biased opinion before taking it upon yourself to destroy a MUSICAL band by giving ridiculous and undeserving scores...

md_pinks 13 years, 9 months ago

Jadaisy, although you obviously don't like my band, I thank you for at least posting your unbiased opinion without bashing anyone (sans my band and DGRE) that'd played music during Deadwood this year. The scores for every band that night were insane! And I would have to agree with your comment about Marable. Every comment he made was out of control and makes him come off as an asshole.

md_pinks 13 years, 9 months ago

And Feratu,

When the tracks for the 16 song compilation of Deadwood are on as well as the finals finals broadcast on Turnpike, I highly doubt this "white noise" you speak of will be present (unless called for by my guitar rig).

As for the "amateur" night comment, I'm pretty sure that my band was there on time (6 o'clock) and backlined (the only band to do so) as asked by the sound tech. Days before we had a friend work up a logo for our backdrop and practiced as much as any other band for the show.

I'm sorry if you're not used to musicians who can constantly move AND play their music at the same time while having fun with the audience. Just about every artist that made me pick up an instrument has this quality..

So I'm not sure what you mean by professional?

SirSkinksALot 13 years, 9 months ago

I've seen it all before, and unfortunately, music isn't all about the skips and twirls... it's also about the songs.

md_pinks 13 years, 9 months ago

The point I was making is that......nevermind it's a waste of time because we don't care. We write songs to make us happy with life and that shows when we play. If someone isn't into that, go catch another show down the street. At the end of the day we entertained with our music and will move on to the next show.

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