may 5

Donkey Show XV

Record Bar

Featuring...The Afterparty ~ {7 piece Americana} Smooth Americana with Latin hints and rock sensibility. Well crafted, well executed songs of love, life, lust, and dancing. Featuring Members of the Pink Socks, Dirty Mae, Spaghetti Western Orchestra, Golden Hearted Whores, Von Hodad Western Surf Outfit, Etta Vendetta's Eyeful Tower, and many more.Trio Aztlan ~ {Latin Acoustic Band} Playing traditional Mexican songs, as well as their own compositions, these three musicians will add some of the Mexican feel to the show. They play all over town and at Manny's every weekend. This will be their umpteenth show of the day. We are lucky to have the best Latin band in KC for you. Evil Beaver ~ {Rock & Roll} Bass, Drums and Evil. This Duo is, for lack of a better term, a fist to the ear and/or throat. They have been recorded and produced by some of the country's finest, and have shared the stage with the likes of: White Stripes, 400 Blows, Bell Rays, Chevelle, FuManchu, The Gossip, Imperial Teen, Lightning Bolt, Millionaire, Nina Hagen, Peg Boy, Rasputina, and Shellac.Karim Memi ~ {Tango/Spanish Guitar}Originally from Argentina, Karim began playing guitar as a child. By the age of 17 she was performing professionally as a vocalist and guitarist. She became proficient in a range of musical styles, including jazz, Argentine country music, bossa nova, and Argentine tango, which she performed in the theatres of Buenos Aires. Karim's instructor in both singing and playing tango was Horacio Salgan, a highly recognized composer, director and pianist in the history of tango. In 1988 Karim lived in Paris for a year and was featured at the well-known Parisian tango bar "Trottoir de Buenos Aires."Jason Beers ~ {Singing Saw} Jason has played a couple of Donkey Shows in the past with Wild Chipmunk & the Cuddly Poos and the Wyco Lowriders, but will be showing us his versatility on the saw with a rousing rendition of 'La Cocaracha'Potter Productions ~ {Comedy} To put it bluntly, Mike Potter is one funny son-of-a-bitch. He dresses in character and stays that way until the outfit comes off. I'm not sure what to expect from him. One of the fun things about working with talented people is I can say to them, "Do whatever you want." So he might be in drag, or a Magician, or a British storyteller, or something completely different.Tuber Theatre ~ {Potato Puppets} We at Spice of Life will tell the exciting tale of The Battle of Puebla, the reason Cinco De Mayo is celebrated, in our way of course. Donkey Show is a 4-hour non-stop entertainment experience. Born of a wish to see a real variety show, in a city full of three band bills, Wende & I set out to make it happen. Low and behold, everyone loved it. So come laugh your ass off, and pay homage to the one and only Donkey Show.

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