may 6

The Prairie Acre / Red Lefty

CD release party

Replay Lounge

Lawrence's old-timey bluegrass quartet The Prairie Acre celebrates the release of its third CD "Jaybird and the Sparrow-Hawk" with an early show on the Replay patio (5/6 UPDATE: due to rain, the show will most likely move indoors). The fast-picking-and-faster-fiddling foursome has picked up the pace in the last year, playing venues from Branson, MO, to Colorado. The band has made great strides musically, sharpening their hootenanny-caliber yawp with hearty heapings of clawhammer banjo and traditional fiddle. The band's repetoire primarily spans public domain songs, but joyous originals are interspersed without skipping a beat. Bring Grandma, bring the kids, and don't forget the lemonade 'cause the whole family is gonna be dancing something fierce. Listen to our podcast preview of the new album.Bearded blues aficionados RedLefty set the stage.

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June Apple Prairie Acre Add to playlist
Love, Please Come Home Prairie Acre Add to playlist
Sugar Hill Prairie Acre Add to playlist
Think of What You've Done Prairie Acre Add to playlist
Way Down In Texas/Ida Red Prairie Acre Add to playlist
Big Bossman RedLefty Add to playlist
Cute As A Button RedLefty Add to playlist
Honeysuckle Rose RedLefty Add to playlist
T-Bone Shuffle RedLefty Add to playlist
Walkin' By Myself RedLefty Add to playlist


liz 15 years, 10 months ago

The show is still on! (Although it may be inside) See you there!

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