may 8

Opening Reception for "Urban Series: New Paintings and Mixed Media Collages by Janet Satz"


URBAN SERIES: New Paintings and Mixed Media Collages by Janet Satz MAY 8 JULY 8, 2007OPENING RECEPTIONTUESDAY MAY 8 6PM TO 9PM The Urban Landscape is a reoccuring theme in my work. Employing photography and mixed media, the multi layered collages in the Urban Series are fragmented depictions of urban impressions overlaid with veils of imagery, which simultaneously conceal and reveal the mysteries of the city. Shadow, translucency, reflection, refraction, dappling, stippling, blurring, netting, layering, superimposition: these are some of the visual devices I have employed to convey a synthesis of many impressions in the layering of reporting on top of invention.


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