"Spring into Summer" at the Replay

with Paper Airplanes / The Esoteric / Only Chillin' / The Republic Tigers / Old Canes / Konsept

Replay Lounge

"Spring into Summer" with seven bands at the Replay Lounge and two at the Jackpot Saloon. A $2 cover gets you into both venues all night to see this walloping mega-bill of top-shelf local rock, hip-hop, metal, alt-country and DJ acts. Lawrence's Appleseed Cast and Kansas City's Republic Tigers are two of the best in the business when it comes to mixing unique melodies with copious experimentation and sonic detritus. Approach holds down the funk-infused hip-hop tip, while DJ Konsept rocks the decks for local weeklies NEON and Table Manners. The Esoteric is Lawrence's resident metal vanguard, and Paper Airplanes will haul ass from Wichita to bring their intelligently crafted groupsing indie vibes. Local karaoke king Brodioke keeps the patio drunkies satiated from 11pm onward, preceded by Only Chillin'-a one-off group that purportedly looks exactly like The Only Children. Appleseed Cast sister project Old Canes play the dinner hour with an acoustic take on singer Chris Crisci's poetic songsmithing.JACKPOT:5-6 p.m. The Appleseed Cast 6:30 p.m. ApproachREPLAY:5-7 p.m. Edwin Morales, interactive DJ (inside)7 p.m. Old Canes (outside)8:15 p.m. Republic Tigers (outside)9:30 p.m. Only Chillin' (outside)11 p.m. to close Brodioke Karaoke (outside)11 p.m. Esoteric (inside)Midnight - Paper Airplanes (inside)

You might have heard

Song Artist
Bad Citizen Esoteric Add to playlist
Destroy, She Said Esoteric Add to playlist
Disregard My Blank Stare Esoteric Add to playlist
Flight of the Botfly Esoteric Add to playlist
Grain Esoteric Add to playlist
Grievous Angel Esoteric Add to playlist
His Eternal Enemy Esoteric Add to playlist
In A Cynics Eyes Esoteric Add to playlist
Ram-Faced Boy Esoteric Add to playlist
Shining Esoteric Add to playlist
Somnambulist Esoteric Add to playlist
Sparklerbomb Esoteric Add to playlist
Strategy of Luck Esoteric Add to playlist
Three Fast (Graceful/Twelve Years Old/Drawing to a Close) Esoteric Add to playlist
Your New Burden Esoteric Add to playlist
Both Falling Bright Old Canes Add to playlist
Little Bird Courage Old Canes Add to playlist
Taxi On Vermont Old Canes Add to playlist
The Song Was Right Old Canes Add to playlist
Change of Living Only Children Add to playlist
Tired of This Town Only Children Add to playlist
Buildings & Mountains Republic Tigers Add to playlist
Made Concrete Republic Tigers Add to playlist


SurKonsizzle 13 years, 11 months ago

correction: Konsept will not be djing at this event. Instead he'll be djing a huge party at Fatsos, 1016 Mass.

thebeckinator 13 years, 11 months ago

whoever had the idea for this show is brilliant, how much more fun can you have on a saturday afternoon than listening to all this great local music outside on the patio for only two bucks. replay and jackpot should do this more often.

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