Johnny America Issue 5 Release Party

Bourgeois Pig

From the press release: As you may or may not have noticed, last month we released the fifth issue of Johnny America, our little magazine of fiction, humor, and other miscellany. It's available now from our online shop and will soon be available at the few fine stores that stock it.Johnny America Five is our largest and most elaborate issue yet, split into three booklets totaling seventy-two pages of essays, fiction, very-short shorts, and reviews of lottery tickets and books. Each of the three booklets has a different day-glo cover. It might well be the most brightly-colored lit-zine yet produced.Issue Five includes a tale of an anthropomorphic book looking for a good home by Toshiki Kojo, a story about an unlikely superhero by G.D. Ward (a print zine exclusive), a rare and patented analysis of the spectator sport by Eli S. Evans (also print exclusive) and other new and new-ish stories by James Spillane, Writer X, Jonathan Holley (print exclusive), Emily Lawton, Mark Brown, Eliza Green, Timmy Waldron (print exclusive), Nick Ostdick, Hosho McCreesh, Thomas Cooper, Tom Conoboy, Kate McShane, Derek Gray, and C.L. Bledsoe. As usual, Johnny America's two Kansas representatives will be having a small release shindig at the Bourgeois Pig, here in Lawrence, Kansas. Civilized snacks will be provided free of charge, copies of the zine are $8, and delicious coffees and liquors can be purchased at the Pig's usual rates.


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