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Former Lawrence band Sterilize Stereo relocated to Portland in August to spread its folk-cabaret gospel up and down the West coast. Fans of Gogol Bordello or 16 Horsepower should be spellbound by the ensemble, which embodies the spirit of a late-night jam session aboard a pirate shanty or a holdover at the Moulin Rouge.Red Water Revival is a heavy psychedelic rock band from St. Louis that digs on left-of-the-dial stuff like Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dirty Three and Mars Volta. Injections of swampy blues and smokin' Zeppelin riffs propel the group's festival-ready stage show.Lawrence's Another Holiday pens romantically intentioned pop songs for mellow melodics. The group fired up in the summer of 2005 and found their footing with the addition of singer and pianist Katlyn Conroy, who possesses a strong and unique voice that's nonetheless doomed to draw comparisons to Rilo Kiley, Metric, Eisley, Azure Ray et al. The group's songwriting favors balladry over overt rocking, with songs ebbing and flowing and occasionally soaring into Coldplay territory.

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