oct 5

Low / Charlie Parr

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Duluth, MN's Low has made a surprisingly long career out of being stark and gentle. 2007's Drums and Guns is so heavy with drum loops it could almost make one dizzy, but the austere production and lovely vocals of husband and wife Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker keep Low's sound safely level. The road-seasoned Charlie Parr returns to Lawrence with his 12-string and "stomp box" (a duct tape-wrapped wooden block he stomps in time with his shoe). Parr's gravelly voice has a comfortable home in his hybrid of blues, old country, and bluegrass. His songs emanate a sort of booze-drenched heartbreak, a result of his own life experience and work in homeless outreach for the Salvation Army. Seemingly on an endless trek across the country, this troubadour is surely never going to lack for material.


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