She Wants Revenge / Kenna


Depeche Mode and New Order collectively soiled their trousers the first time they heard She Wants Revenge, a darkwave-happy band with a penchant for tongue-in-cheek parodies of teenage notebook poetry and runny mascara. Singer Justin Warfield's monotone delivery is straight from the icy-cold Kraftwerk school, with drum machines and synths paying due tribute to the '80s club scene. The group's sophomore album "This Is Forever" is actually much better than its 2006 self-titled debut, with more memorable melodies and less lipschtick.


amscoking 13 years, 6 months ago

despite the fact that 'she wants revenge' is well, not very good (to be nice), kenna is worth seeing if you have the cash. check out his stuff on myspace if you like new order and other synth-pop.

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