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Another Holiday

with Paper Owls / Les Somniferes

Jackpot Music Hall

When they're not stuffing themselves with Little Caesers "Hot-N-Ready" pizzas, Lawrence's Another Holiday preoccupies themselves penning romantically intentioned pop songs for mellow melodics. The group fired up in the summer of 2005 and found their footing with the addition of singer and pianist Katlyn Conroy, who possesses a strong and unique voice that's nonetheless doomed to draw comparisons to Rilo Kiley, Metric, Eisley, Azure Ray et al. The group's songwriting favors balladry over overt rocking, with songs ebbing and flowing and occasionally soaring into Coldplay territory. That's not a bad thing in the hands of capable musicians, all of whom virtuously support Conroy's fast-developing songcraft.

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