apr 5

Kansas vs. North Carolina

It would be tough to overstate how HUGE this game is-no matter the outcome, it will no doubt go down as one of the biggest KU games of all time. Of course, there's the fact that KU is one of four No. 1 seeds to make the Final Four-the first time that's ever happened-so all three games remaining will likely be grudge matches unparalleled even in the context of March Madness. But what makes this game even more compelling is the drama on the sidelines-it's the 'Hawks first match up with former coach Roy Williams since he left KU to take the helm at his alma mater. Whether you're over all that or not, it's going to be fun-if not unnerving-to see how that all shakes out. Watch parties abound around town-just about every venue, bar, and restaurant will have the game on, and will be packed. And should KU come out on top, Mass. Street will no doubt be packed just like last weekend, only with more mayhem.
An email from KU coach Bill Self:Dear Jayhawk fans:Thank you for all your fantastic support again this year. Jayhawk fans are truly the greatest and there is no place better to play basketball than Allen Fieldhouse -- although San Antonio on Saturday will be close!We wish you all could be with us Saturday, but we know you will be there in spirit. No matter where you are, please look out for each other, know your own limits and be safe.Show the world that Jayhawks are class acts on and off the court! Celebrate safely.Bill Self