Deadwood Derby - Round 2

featuring Psilenus / Vegetable / Censura / The Graves End

Replay Lounge

Derby info8:00 p.m. ¢ doors9:5010:20 ¢ PsilenusPsilenus is an original alt-rock quartet from Lawrence that takes inspiration from stadium giants like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Rush, A Perfect Circle and Led Zeppelin -- in essence, everything since the '70s, except for the '80s.10:4011:10 ¢ VegetableVegetable is a funky rock band from just down the block. Influences include rich top-soil, direct sunlight and plenty of water.11:3012:00 ¢ The Graves EndThe Graves End is a new hometown hardcore band. They're working on some demos but, ya know, money's tight with the recession and all.NOTE: Censura CANCELLED (due to a recent death in the family). All start times are consequently moved back slightly later (new times listed above).

You might have heard

Song Artist
Curator Censura Add to playlist
Elementary Etiquette Censura Add to playlist
As One Psilenus Add to playlist
Why Not Try Psilenus Add to playlist
Glossolailia Vegetable Add to playlist


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