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Fans of Modest Mouse and Chin Up Chin Up should dig the short-shorts off Joggers, a get-down rock quartet propelled by dueling lead guitars and a fast-hands rhythm section. The Portland group has released two albums of frenetic indie dance rock for the Startime label and is visiting Lawrence en route to a tour with Steven Malkmus and the Jicks. Mars Volta fans should dig on the proggy rock of opener My Only Danger, a Kansas City band that also names Dream Theater as an influence. The quartet recently added two new members and released a debut EP that covers a lot of musical ground.Rusty Scott is a Midwest man with an acoustic guitar in his hand and a croon that could cross a state line or two. Keen lyrics like "Sometimes the whip is in my hand / Other times I'm getting beat by it" embellish rustic Americana folk melodies in the style of Ryan Adams or Andrew Bird, but Scott's seasoned songwriting likely draws from a much deeper pool of influences.

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