Deadwood Derby - Round 3

featuring Jolly Roger / The Dactyls / Deep Thinkers / Guse

Jackpot Music Hall

Derby info8:00 p.m. ¢ doors9:009:30 ¢ Jolly RogerJolly Roger came together at the Replay Lounge when guitarist LexXxis (formerly of Vibralux) gathered together a group of musicians including old friend and singer Ville. After downing a few pitchers of PBR, they decided they must commence to "rock the way rock is meant to be rocked."9:5010:20 ¢ The DactylsAfter three years of lineup changes and extended hiatuses, The Dactyls (formerly Terrordactyls) have been mad busy lately with the addition of drummer John Momberg and extreme bro-ductivity from twins Nick and John Bergwell. Guitarist Brendan Costello rounds out the quartet, which channels the glory days of Pavement and Archers of Loaf with their own special vanilla/chocolate twist.10:4011:10 ¢ Deep ThinkersDeep Thinkers pairs two of Kansas City's most respected hip-hop heads: producer Leonard Dstroy and lyricist Brother of Moses. The duo's two albums -- "Necks Move" and "Reprogram" -- are rife with mind-warping beats and intelligent wordplay, not to mention subwoofer-throttling bass and all kinds of exotic samples and instruments.11:3012:00 ¢ GuseGuse formed in November 2005 following months of free-form jamming in a Lawrence basement. After becoming familiar with each others' styles (electric blues guitar, psychedelic synths, funky slap bass, prog rock percussion), the group began composing its arsenal of "progedelic, face-annihilating sludge rock."

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oaas 14 years, 7 months ago

brotally brutal bro. the onion is brotastic. sweet find, broseph.

evepest 14 years, 7 months ago

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mo_fish13 14 years, 7 months ago

you guys must know good music when you hear it!!! Jolly Roger should be the wildcard band, you will soon learn that their music comes from something greater than the cookiecutter stereotype music nowadays....Jolly Roger.....GONNA GITCHA!!!!

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