Opening: "Clouds Are Easy to Love"

featuring mixed media meditations on the sublime and turbulent Kansas sky

Lawrence Percolator

With poetry by Peter Wright and Megan McHenry, music by Karl Ramberg, s'mores and other cloud-inspired munchies provided. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own 4x6 unframed cloud-inspired-what-have-you as an offering to pin to the ceiling.The exhibition features work byCharlene BoehneAnne BruceChrista Dalien Natalie Anne Dye Lisa GrossmanChantel Guidry & Laurie L. G. Troyani Andrew Hadle & Amanda SchweglerChristina Hoxie Dave Loewenstein Justin Marable Molly MurphyJohn ReevesAilecia Ruscin Samuel Smith Beatrice vonHolten KT Walsh Bernadette Rose ZachariasExhibit open Saturday and Sundays through Sept. 28.Related cloud events:August 28 @ 7:30pmA presentation by Channel 6 meteorologist Jennifer Schack on the science of clouds.September 18 @ 7pm Artist talkQuestions? Donations? Contact or visit


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