dec 6

Ad Astra Arkestra / Black Christmas / Spirit of the Stairs

Jackpot Music Hall

Ad Astra Arkestra is a new frontier from traveled lands. Ad Astra Per Aspera members Kurt Lane and Mike Tuley join Craig Comstock (This Is My Condition) to jam some new tunes inspired by Fela Kuti, Black Flag, The Raincoats and beyond. The Arkestra performs just its second show tonight.Taking inspiration from spooky soundtrack masters like Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti as well as prog-rockers like Yes and King Crimson, Lawrence's Black Christmas builds layer upon layer of instrumental tension with spacey guitar effects, ethereal keys and pounding drums. The group recently celebrated the release of its first long-player "By Way of Decay." Listen to our podcast preview of the new album.

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