"A Benefit for Charley's Finger" with The Dactyls / Naomi What?

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Charley Downey is a baller. He's so badass that he broke his finger in two places when one of his shots got stuffed. Since Charlie's friends need him to get back on the proverbial court for his respective "teams" (Bandit Teeth and Naomi What?) they organized a benefit show to help pay his throbbing medical bills.Channeling the glory days of early-'90s guitar rock, The Dactyls employ alternate tunings and inverted phrasings to create densely textured, off-kilter indie rock songs. The group recently released a 7-inch called "A Widow Knows" and aims to unveil more sonic awesomeness in 2009.Namoi What? is a Lawrence trio composed of Downey (who will presumably just sing tonight), Zach Campbell and Justin Parr. All three members sing and write songs for the group, which has also been known to cover Guided By Voices songs and "get rowdy."

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