Opening: "An optical adventure of aimless proportions," works in Multi-Media by Jeremy Rockwell

Bourgeois Pig

Artist Jeremy Rockwell is a founding member of the Fresh Produce Art Collective and has been widely exhibited throughout Lawrence and Kansas City. His work was featured in "Unsung" at The Lawrence Arts Center, a showcase of young artists in Lawrence, and in the Spencer Museum of Art's Process Gallery along with other members of the Fresh Produce Art Collective.Rockwell's multi-media show at the Bourgeois Pig runs through Jan. 17.Words on Rockwell courtesy of Yuri Zupancic:"When Rockwell starts working on a painting, drawing, sculpture, etc., the first step is surface activation. This could be anything from splattering ink and spray paint to leaving a canvas in an old barn for three months until it accumulates enough bird poop to serve as the background for a self-portrait. These automatic art techniques "break the ice" of dialogue between the artist and his work, starting a psycho visual conversation, which allows the subconscious to speak for itself, finding significance in forms and textures, which the conscious mind might overlook.The subject of the piece, incidentally, usually comes as a surprise to Rockwell. When a rich array of visual elements accumulate, converse, and eventually converge on a common ground, the artwork is finished, the conversation over. The duality of delicate forms and percussive blasts in Rockwell's work are evidence of the freedom, which these conversations have: no subject too poignant, with a playful eye turned towards ridiculousness.The art supplies, themselves, often begin the activation with the marks of their own history. Between universities and neon sign factories, Rockwell frequents all the best dumpsters in town, gleaning junked computers, rolls of industrial paper, grates and grills for use as stencils, etc., etc... He and I once got hired to demolish the third floor of a burned up house, coming out of the deal with scorched panels, wires, dog tags, and metal shards: art supplies with an attitude."


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