feb 9

Golden / Reach / Stik Figa


Note: Show moved to Bottleneck after Grace Potter show was postponed a day.Coming up as a middle-class Jewish rapper in Reading, PA, Casey Golden sometimes received threats because-as he puts it-"Vanilla Ice ruined it for a generation." So Golden packed up and moved to Minnesota's Twin Cities, where white cats like Atmosphere shared colorblind stages with black emcees like P.O.S. and Heiruspecs. When his S.U.S.P.E.C.T.S. crew disbanded, Golden set out on his own and caught the hip-hop equivalent of lightning in a jar when Fergie laid down impromptu guest vocals for his track "Elevator Music." His debut LP "Peddling Medicine" is a is a breezy and humorous collection of positive, no-coast hip-hop. He'll perform in Lawrence with a four-piece band and support from local studs Reach and Stik Figa.

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Wannabeanmc? Reach Add to playlist
Absitively Stik Figa Add to playlist
Pie Stik Figa Add to playlist
Stik's Theme Stik Figa Add to playlist
The Truth Stik Figa Add to playlist


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