DJs LoveBoosterSoundSystem & Candlepanties

Range Life Records presents "Booty Call"

Eighth Street Tap Room

From the promoters: For those of you who screwed up on Valentines Day, come out and bring your heart on for a second chance at love. Take the Viagra vs. Cialis challenge and enjoy DJs LoveBoosterSoundSystem and Candlepanties spin soul, funk, and disco including a very special tribute to Miami Booty Bass. Ladies don't feel left out. We'll have free Exite samples and Russell Stover chocolates to make your spirits rise. I'd love to tell you more but what's that ... I think I'm getting a call ... It sounds like a booty call ... sorry i gotta take this one ... here's to yours.Love(a.k.a. Scene)BoosterSoundSystem joins the fray at midnight after his shift at the weekly Pachamama's party ends.

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Principles SceneboosterSoundSystem Add to playlist
Too Fast To Speak SceneboosterSoundSystem Add to playlist
Well Wishin SceneboosterSoundSystem Add to playlist


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