"Nightmares: An Artful Demonstration of the Sublime by Adam R. Burnett"

A new play by Adam R. Burnett

Lawrence Arts Center

"Nightmares: An Artful Demonstration of the Sublime by Adam R. Burnett" is a startling new drama about the origin of passion, beauty, desire, jealousy, and terror as seen through the scope of 18th century painter Henry Fuseli.Joshua Chapman is happy with his life; an associate professor at a mediocre college full of mediocre students with a best selling book out on the life, art and philosophy of Henry Fuseli. He has a beautiful, adoring wife, a sleek apartment in large choking city, and he has just recently purchased a copy of Fuseli's renowned painting, "The Nightmare," a personal dream fully realized as it hangs on his living room wall. But as the credibility of his book is brought into question by a colleague, things begin to disintegrate and the painting on Joshua's living room wall becomes the crux of what will be his sublimely terrifying, irrational, violent downfall. *Not recommended for anyone under the age of 18 - overt sexual content, nudity, and violence*Directed by Susanne Kepley


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