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oreganomics 13 years, 9 months ago

I want a million people to march at this event: Million Fag March What you need to know Date: March 30, 2008 Time: 11:00 AM Where: Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, KS 3701 SW 12th St 66604 (785) 273-0325 Requirements: This is not a "gay-only" event. Just come with the ability to send a message to the WBC and Fred Phelps that intolerance is unacceptable.

The Westboro Baptist Church, of Topeka, Kansas, is a hate group masquerading as a Christian church. Led by the Rev. Fred Phelps, the misguided members of this church target homosexuals and a range of others with messages of hate. The church's outrageous protest actions - the group prefers to picket funerals - have earned Phelps and his ilk much media coverage. To date, the WBC's protests have taken place in at least 22 states, and have inspired a wave of grassroots anger. As a result, 38 states have introduced bills to limit protests near funerals, and at least 29 of those states have passed such measures. Phelps has vowed to challenge the legislation, alleging that these new restrictions unconstitutionally restrict freedom of speech. The time has come to turn the tables. Let us all gather in one place, at one time to (peacefully) show Phelps and his church that freedom of speech works both ways.

http://millionfagmarch. com http://slog. thestranger. com/2008/02/the_million_fag_march

Sister Iona Dubble-Wyde Asylum of the Tortured Heart Incorporated The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence http://www. sdsisters. org http://www. myspace. com/sisteridw

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