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Andy McKee

#1 most downloaded artist on YouTube


"Overnight YouTube phenom" may be the most common description of Topeka-based guitar wiz Andy McKee, the more telling summation would be "freak of nature who makes Eric Clapton look like Gavin Rossdale." McKee's percussive tapping technique has drawn ballpark comparisons to Michael Hedges and John Fahey, but his flailing-arms presentation looks completely different (perhaps the reason YouTube was so valuable to his burgeoning career). Beneath the virtuoso veneer, McKee is a reformed metalhead who isn't immune to a goofy-yet lovely-cover of Toto's "Africa."He visits Lawrence before embarking on a U.S. tour with his idol Don Ross and then sojourning to Ireland and England, where he'll serenade audiences at Liverpool's Royal Philharmonic.


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