Boo & Boo Too / Coat Party / I Love You / Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk

"Bedroom Bazaar"

Jackpot Music Hall

Born out of a house on Tennessee St., the group of musicians and local aesthetes behind Chomp Womp tonight celebrate the release of their first "official" compilation. Not exactly a collective or a label, Chomp Womp is more the collaboration of a group of friends whose aim it is to support music they believe otherwise may not always get the voice it deserves. Each of the bands playing tonight is represented on the free compilation that will be handed out to attendees, which also includes songs by fellow locals The Armory, Bandit Teeth, The Spread Eagles, This is My Condition and Weather is Happening, among many others from the Lawrence/KS and other cities. Those who still possess tape decks will also find themselves in luck: the Lillerne Tape Club will also be providing free tape compilations. If all the free tunes aren't enough, the show is additionally an art opening featuring visual installations by Barrett Emke, Gabe Holcombe and others, with jewelry and metalsmithing by Erica Voetsch.

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Song Artist
Strum Strum Bang Bang Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk Add to playlist
David Turns a Mystic Boo and Boo Too Add to playlist
Everyday I Saw You in Egypt Boo and Boo Too Add to playlist
I'll Be Your Whore Boo and Boo Too Add to playlist
No Tempo Boo and Boo Too Add to playlist
Ice Cream You Scream Coat Party Add to playlist
Mental Condition Coat Party Add to playlist


amscoking 15 years ago

this should be best bet of the day. god, i hate ghosty! they are like the shins without melodies.

chouchou 15 years ago

Why is it called Bedroom Bazaar? Is it a pajama party, or will there be furniture for sale??

Dominic_Sova 15 years ago

this is a best bet

the 'best bet of the day' (?) if anything is bandit teeth

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