Opening: New Work by John Gary Brown, Steven Graber and Roxann Graber


Color. If you look at most of the works of Steven and Roxann Graber, you won't see a lot of it. Maybe a little worked in here or there, in various shades of pale.But if you go to Pachamama's, where both artists' work is hanging along with paintings by John Gary Brown, it's an integral part of their work-whether it's the vibrant orange of Roxann's photo of a lily or the sky blue design on a woman's shawl in one of Steven's paintings."Art's like anything else, you need to experiment here and there and change things up just to keep it fresh for yourself," Steven says. "Since I've done these color pieces, it's renewed my interest in the black and white and the stuff that I've been doing for quite a few years already."Steven has been showing art for a couple of decades and Roxann, who's been holding up the business, framing and shipping end of things, started showing her photography a few years ago. Roxann says that by integrating more color into her pieces, she's able to reach an audience beyond the aficionados."Sometimes black and white can be a little scary for some people," she says. "They really like that boom of color."For more info call Fields Fine Art 785-979-5173.


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