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A name like Blood on the Wall usually indicates a band whose tendencies lean more towards the nü-metal end of the spectrum, yet this Brooklyn-based band in reality is anything but. Returned to Lawrence after seven years in KC, guitarist/vocalist Brad Shanks seems at times to channel the sass and strained throatiness of Frank Black in his Pixies heyday, as the band (consisting of Brad's sister Courtney and now fellow Bandit Teeth member Zach Campbell on drums) captures the distorted, low-fi swagger the likes of GoGoGo Airheart and Pavement. Out this month on the Social Registry label, the band's third album, "Liferz", sees the band coming on a bit faster and grittier, without a loss of the playfulness of the first two releases. The band will shortly be joining Black Mountain on tour.

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oaas 15 years ago

yo homies, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk are opening this show!

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