Big Surrender / Naomi What? / Ormus Gold

Jackpot Music Hall

Big Surrender is a new Lawrence band featuring singer Adam Murphy and former Waking Ashland collaborators Ryan Lallier and Nate Harold. The group cooked up an expansive collection of songs at Black Lodge Studios during the past year and will perform its first local show this evening before Harold hits the road with The Honorary Title. Purveying a poppy sound reminiscent of big-hook bands like Koufax and The 88, the group looks to tour later this year and finalize plans for its debut record.In May of 2008, former Piglet bassist Ezra Sandzer-Bell sold most of his things in Chicago and boarded a plane to Kansas. His plan was to start a band with Casey Burge (former singer/songwriter of Kelpie, current guitarist of The Button Band). Ezra flew into Kansas on the 12th of May and the duo played their first show as Ormus Gold exactly ten days later. Recent demos bring to mind the blissful orchestrations of the Flaming Lips' "Soft Bulletin" and the poppy psychedelics of Olivia Tremor Control.There will also be an art auction for earthquake relief.


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