"Wild Women (W)Rite!: A Display of Poetic Fireworks in the Dead of Summer"

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Four Lawrence women-a practicing witch, a daughter of illiterate Tennessee sharecroppers, a bisexual anarchist and a poetry professor-are reading poetry in the same room on Saturday, and they're afraid that if you attend, you might explode. Join Chantel C. Guidry, Nancy Hubble, Dixie Lubin, and Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg for a poetry reading so far off the beaten path that there's only a maniac field of undisturbed prairie hiding memorable chiggers, metaphors, squirrels, and stories. Come for the reading, to be followed by a reception where good visiting, wine and cookies will abide.Chantel C. Guidry is a hilarious bisexual anarchist/feminist who grew upin Louisiana and enjoys puns, ice cream, and using poetry as a flirtationdevice.Nancy Hubble, presently disguised as a 65-year-old fat lady, enjoystalking to animals, dancing in secret like a chicken, and searching forwords and images that have luminosity.Dixie Lubin is a happy pagan grandmother with tendencies towards anarchy and Buddhism, who likes to string words together for pleasure when she isn't making outsider art or cookies.Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, raised by a pack of Jewish raccoons in Brooklyn,is a former Jersey girl and present mom of teens who is enthralled byglimpses of Indigo Bunting and ecstatic poetry.


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