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Kansas City emcee Reach is one of the busiest bodies on the scene, performing nearly every weekend and scribbling new rhymes at a breakbeat pace. His rising profile got a big boost in 2005 when he won the Scion Next-Up context and shot a big-budget music video. Shortly thereafter, Reach connected with Copenhagen-based producer Twelve Beats and released his second LP "Corner Speech." Favoring the throwback side of hip-hop but not neglecting the present, Reach is well worth keeping pace with.Los Angeles rapper Menacin Johnson first stepped on the scene in 2005 with an EP titled "My Circumstance" and has since collaborated with the Project Blowed Crew and The I.V. League. His most recent album "Still Here" arrived in 2007 on No Threshold Records.Johnny Quest has been a fixture on the Lawrence hip-hop scene since he came out his momma's hoo-haa. Both as an emcee and DJ, Quest balances elements of arty "backpacker" hip-hop with more mainstream flavors, immersing himself and his compadres in hip-hop culture past and present.Charisma and ingenuity have been Stik Figa's ace-in-the-hole since his days battle-rapping in the Topeka High cafeteria. His no-coast style is equally enamored with the crescent-fresh mainstream (Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, T.I.) and the booty-shaking fringe (Cool Kids, Santogold). As Stik puts it: "I'm very well-rounded for being a square."

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