Matt Pryor CD release show

with photo exhibition by "BMX" Joe Montgomery, Anne Tangeman, Matt Needham and Mary King

Love Garden

For being one of town's best and best-known songwriters, Matt Pryor's about as unassuming as they come. As are his songs. Ever since the early days of his breakout band The Get Up Kids, and then The New Amsterdams, and now as a solo act,* Pryor has been steadily ratcheting down the rock in favor of a more stripped down showcase for his singular voice. Likewise, his lyrics have grown more subtle - but they're still unmistakably Pryor's, at once devastating and life-affirming. With this free show, he gives his hometown the first look at his first solo album, "Confidence Man." * Not to mention Pryor's kid-friendly alter ego, The Terrible Twos, which is also releasing a new CD this weekend.Photography by "BMX" Joe Montgomery, Anne Tangeman, Matt Needham and Mary King will also be on display. Nugget from BMX Joe's Myspace: "my life revolves around a twenty inch wheel,country,still frames,rye,a cold pbr,welding,making things with my hands(f*ck buying shit,make it!) tattoed punk rock girls,last call,texting like a japanese school girl,kansas,laughter,listening,makin up,and makin out,staying up all night.."

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