Fiery Furnaces

with Grand Ole Party / El Ten Eleven

Record Bar

The sibling rivalry concept gets an experimental indie rock makeover in the hands of the brother/sister combo Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger a.k.a. The Fiery Furnaces. From Os Mutantes-esque pop to experimental noise of the Captain Beefheart variety, the Furnaces dwell in a home-recording enthusiast's playground of synthetic textures and electronic keyboards. Sort of like The Postal Service scoring "The Matrix," or Kraftwerk hiring a female vocalist and allowing acoustic guitars into the fold.Given that Barack Obama is one of Grand Ole Party's Top 5 MySpace friends, we're guessing the San Diego band probably doesn't vote Republican. And why should they? -- the last G.O.P. campaign song was Brooks & Dunn's "Only in America." But even the squarest of neocons would probably be moved by the band's soulful strut. Singing drummer Kristin Gundred is Meg White mashed up with Karen O, and guitarist Mike Krechnyak could have understudied for Booker T's MGs. Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley produced the group's debut LP "Humanimals" -- titled, presumably, after the transformation that occurs to smitten audiences.


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