AstroKitty's 3rd Anniversary Party with Drink & Draw

with The Letter Division / Baiowolf / Suede By Perfection / DJ Furst Bass

Jackpot Music Hall

Inspired by an East Coast comic nerd phenomenon, Astrokitty owner Joel Pfannenstiel revved up the monthly midwest Drink and Draw at the Jackpot Saloon. Comic, graphic, and tattoo artists have since frequented the event as a means to imbibe liquor and scribble to their heart's content. Past Drink and Draws have been known to spawn giant wombat penises and masturbating toads, so get a babysitter for the kiddos. Art supplies will be provided, but you'll have to pay for your drinks.Tonight's 3rd Anniversary party features music from local emo rockers The Letter Division, screechy ear-bleeders Baiowolf, prank rappers Suede By Perfection and the party-poppin' DJ Furst Bass.


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