Video Show 2008

music by Quincy Quartz

Lawrence Arts Center

This showcase of local artists features documentary, animation, music video, textured abstractions, home movies, and more.While this, the first Video Show, runs in conjunction with the first Unsung show, not all the artists in this program are under 30. Certainly Copt and Propst are old school. This show is about vitality, about art pulled through life in Lawrence. The works of long-time locals super-charge this exhibition with the spirit of place. Showing multiple examples of several artists' work seemed to work this time out. In the future, who knows? Consider, and feed back via email: videoartsubmissions |at| yahoo |dot| com.- Louis Anajjar is a performance artist who makes videos. He often puts himself in the picture.- Louis Copt sells his painted Kansas landscapes around the world. "I am a camera," he says.- Brendan Costello gives the creative big finger to MTV and Super Bowl commercials, and gives head and heart to his work.- Mark Hurst sings, dances and makes the digital equivalent of those oil-based light shows behind Iron Butterfly, in the day.- Joshua Kendall works well under pressure. He went to Oakland CA to make a documentary about flamenco dancing.- Ben Kimball is mysterious. Brett Grady is an easy rider, writer.- If they ever update Schoolhouse Rock, they should call Kit Lefler.- Wayne Propst is a hunk of the creative soul of this town. Knows interesting people.- Jody Wood makes a simple statement about human relationships?Thanks to the Lawrence Arts Center and Rick Mitchell, Dave Loewenstein, Molly Murphy and the UNSUNG artists, Carol Ann Carter, Luke Jordan and the beatific Quincy Quartz. Produced by Santos and King, with counsel from Ryan.Sequence7 p.m. Reception, Wall Projections by Mark Hurst, and theLiving Sounds of Quincy Quartz (FunMachine, synthesizers and Chinese vocalizations).8 p.m. (sharp)Regrets or Wishes - Kit LeflerFleur - Louis AnajjarSever & Repair - Jody WoodAdrift - Ben Kimball & Brett GradyDeathhands - Brendan CostelloGraphite Romance - Kit LeflerWall Projection - Mark HurstThe Condition - Brendan CostelloThe Prairie on Fire - Louis CoptBienvenidos a Infierno - Paul SantosINTERMISSION (20 minutes)9 p.m. Flamenco Vivo - Joshua KendallW.S.B. at Home - Wayne PropstEvolution - Louis Anajjar


Dominic_Sova 10 years, 8 months ago

It's great to see so many local artists exhibiting locally, alongside at least one Scottish artist.

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