The Wilders (early all-ages patio show)

with Pert Near Sandstone

Replay Lounge

With the verve of old-time radio storytellers and the energy of a thrash metal band, The Wilders rip the chain off old-timey string band music and vintage country fit for Sun Records A-sides. The Kansas City band has evolved dramatically in recent years, trading its public-domain songbook for a new catalog of twangy originals. The group's latest long player "Someone's Got to Pay" features a five-part ballad chronicling bassist Phil Wade's experiences on a jury for a true-life murder trial. Singer/guitarist Ike Sheldon also contributes some straight-shooting honky tonk numbers, and Betse Ellis is characteristically hot as the hinges of hell on her well-worn fiddle.Opener Pert Near Sandstone is a hard-driving string band from Minneapolis/St. Paul. Gathered round an old-timey microphone, the boys play keenly crafted originals and favorites from the old-time and bluegrass traditions.