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Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk / The ACB's

oh!mr. Comp Release

Eighth Street Tap Room

Two of Kansas City's most esteemed bands careen across I-70 to help celebrate the release of oh!mr's debut compilation. Martinez Hillard of the Jen Say Kwahs masterminded the new webzine (, a forum for all things related to local music.You never know quite what to expect when Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk take the stage. With members rotating in and out like a 10-deep KU basketball squad, the songs and style can vary tremendously from show to show. Sometimes they sing; sometimes they don't. Sometimes they rehearse; sometimes they don't. One constant, however, is a predilection for freakout jams along the lines of Animal Collective or Mogwai.The ACB's formed in 2006 in Kansas City, where they were all born and raised and where they continue to live. Mostly they're influenced by artists who know how to write bona fide HITS. Michael Jackson is a big one. Also early Beatles. Maybe a little Matthew Sweet. The ACB's are also influenced by an inability to interact comfortably with the opposite sex, fear of hair loss, male friendships that have been described by outsiders as bordering on homoerotic, and the lingering effects of their deeply Midwestern religious upbringing.

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