mar 7

Bowerbirds / Phosphorescent / Suzannah Johannes

Jackpot Music Hall

In 2005, Bowerbirds guitarist Phil Moore took a job for the North Carolina Natural History Museum tracking birds, and perhaps inspired by the rustic atmosphere, his music veered more towards the folk end of the rock spectrum than did his previous band, Ticonderoga. Moore's girlfriend later joined on accordion and, after Ticonderoga broke up, the duo released their debut full-length in 2007. Relocated from Athens to Brooklyn, Matthew Houck is the sole permanent member of rotating cast that goes by Phosphorescent. His subtle vocal delivery brings to mind Will Oldham-or maybe a more organic, less-produced Sufjan Stevens-with a love for singing and texture not unlike all those Elephant Six acts of his hometown. Suzannah Johannes is the newest addition to the Range Life Records roster. The talented songstress will release her debut album in April, featuring backing from Ghosty's Dave Wetzel and Josh Adams. Her mellow tunes employ fingerpick guitar, piano, percussion, and brush drums to convey lovely melodies that could sit comfortably beside a campfire.


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