mar 7

Censura CD release show

with Flee the Seen / Sidewise / Left on Northwood


After three years of performing in Lawrence, Censura celebrates the release of its debut record "A Common Courtesy" (listen to our podcast preview of the album) with support from fellow local shredders SideWise, Left on Northwood and Flee the Seen. The 11-song collection sounds ripe for the major-label picking, if only major labels still did that sort of thing. The album's gigantic glossy productions are reminiscent of The Used and Coheed and Cambria: big drums and screaming amps with a molten metal core bubbling up next to modern-rock hooks. The four dudes responsible for inflicting such mayhem on the world are actually pretty down-to-earth bros who document their misadventures with "Censura TV" webisodes (peep the band's MySpace page for samples). They won't be usurping Tom Green's throne anytime soon, but a place on the FM radio dial seems within reach.

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Song Artist
Curator Censura Add to playlist
Elementary Etiquette Censura Add to playlist
Wire Tap Out Flee the Seen Add to playlist
Apathetically Yours Left on Northwood Add to playlist
Cry! Havoc! Left on Northwood Add to playlist
Culling Song Left on Northwood Add to playlist
Gut Check Personality (Song for Sarah) Left on Northwood Add to playlist
Nobody Robots SideWise Add to playlist


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